The opposition calls the € 100 electricity subsidy a “badly targeted gimmick”


Opposition parties have called the € 100 electricity subsidy a “poorly targeted gimmick”

abour TD Ged Nash said the support program is a “populist measure” while People Before Profit called on the Dáil to sit extra days over Christmas to push through the legislation faster.

“Our take on the gadget that is the € 100 Electricity Support Package is that it is a populist measure, it is very poorly targeted and very poorly designed,” Mr. Nash.

“This government belatedly developed a solution to return to the envelope, which is not at all a solution, for the families most affected by the prices of the cost of living.”

He said a “carbon credit” of € 200 per year for the winter months was needed for families earning less than € 50,000 living in low-energy homes.

Louth TD said it would not defy the interest in the carbon tax as it would be a “one-off” as inflation is expected to stabilize at 2pc next year.

He said a moratorium should also be imposed on disconnections for those who are unable to pay their bills.

“An effective moratorium is in place over Christmas and January, but it must be extended until spring to ensure the protection of families across the country at this very, very difficult time,” Nash told reporters in Leinster House.

People Before Profit TD Mick Barry said the Dáil should sit for an extra day or two to get the legislation through faster so the grant can go into effect before spring.

He said People Before Profit would then support the legislation.

Mr Barry also said the € 100 payment is too low and that there should be a “charge or levy” on the power companies for a higher subsidy.

Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy said if the subsidy was to go into effect until April, there was “no reason why it could not be targeted.”

“It’s really important that the people who need it the most benefit from it. “

“There’s something really weird about throwing money into something when people don’t really need it,” she said.

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