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A 50-minute British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary titled ‘The Bandit Warlords of Zamfara’ exposed the bandits’ modus operandi and the chain of recipients of their plunder as one of the leaders revealed that insecurity has become a business from which everyone benefits.

Abu Sanni, who spoke on a range of issues including the genesis of insecurity in Zamfara State, explained why the banditry will not stop and how 279 schoolgirls were abducted in Jangebe in the Talata-Mafara local government area of ​​the state.

Explaining how kidnappings became a lucrative business for both the kidnappers and government officials among other beneficiaries, Sanni alleged that the government was one of the main beneficiaries of the horrific attacks they unleashed on society. .

The BBC Africa Eye documentary was recorded by a journalist, Yusuf Anka, who visited isolated bandit camps in a Zamfara forest. Yusuf also interviewed other bandit leaders in the camps he visited.

It was however unclear whether Sanni was referring to the federal government or the Zamfara state government or both. But he insisted that kidnapping has since become a lucrative business for all involved.

Out of 279 schoolgirls kidnapped in Jangebe, Sanni revealed that it was a revenge mission to teach the government a lesson following a military attack on her group.

“At the end of the rainy season, they sent soldiers after us. We decided to show the government that it should not interfere in our problems. We went to Jangebe and took the students. We wanted to anger the government. We asked for 300 million naira but after negotiations 60 million naira was paid for their release.

Curiously, Sanni delivered an ‘apocalyptic’ decision for Nigeria when he stressed the blood split would continue. And that’s because everyone benefits from their spoils and so the beneficiaries don’t want the kidnapping to end soon.

“Because it has become a business. Everyone wants money. This is why things are deteriorating, from top to bottom. They say that when there is insecurity, the government receives money. Everyone benefits. We also receive money. Although for our money blood is shared, so it goes on.


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