Subsidize 40 cents per liter on fuel in April


In view of the increase in fuel prices and its impact on the incomes of citizens and families, the government has decided to provide financial support (Well) for consumption at service stations.

During the month of April, the subsidy of 40 cents per liter will be maintained up to the limit of 50 liters of fuel under the program Wellsaid the Minister of Finance today.

Well It allows you to "win" 20 euros, but you have to register

The extension of the measure, which results in a reimbursement of 20 euros with the first offer, was confirmed the following month by Joao Liao, during a press conference in Lisbon.

It was launched Well It began by granting a reimbursement of 10 cents per liter up to a maximum of 50 liters of fuel per month to consumers registered on the IVAucher platform, the amount (the equivalent of five euros) to be paid with the first supply of the month .

Given the further increase in prices recorded after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, The government has decided to go from 10 to 40 centimes (i.e. from five to 20 euros) The amount of support given with the premiere in March.

Profit sharing "works on any eligible consumption (...) with minimum consumption exempted", reads the same certificate, signed by the Assistant Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, Antonio Mendonca Méndez.

AUTOvoucher has nearly 1.6 million beneficiaries, to date they have reimbursed 26 million euros. This means that there will be Portuguese who have not joined this program. To help you join AUTOvoucher, we have prepared a short guide available here.

The automatic voucher program is subscribed on the same IVAucher page as the registration on the platform ivaucher.ptconsumers should start by indicating whether they are consumers or traders.

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