Maharashtra: Compulsory Aadhar to avail beneficiary schemes


According to the latest information, on Wednesday May 11, the Maharashtra The cabinet asked the departments to ensure that the beneficiaries of the schemes put in place by them are attached to the Aadhar by December 30, 2022.

Based on the accounts, scholarships awarded to students under programs for various departments will be credited to their Aadhar-related accounts via Direct Transfer of Benefits from January 2023. Officials have been quoted in stories explaining how this is undertaken to ensure that none of the eligible beneficiaries is excluded from the scheme.

Additionally, they also hope it will ensure that those who do not meet the criteria will not receive the benefits. It was reported that the Maharashtra government made a similar announcement during the recent budget session.

The Departments of Women and Child Development, School Education, Social Justice, Tribal Affairs and OBC are said to have implemented several programs. These departments have been asked to complete their beneficiary name linking procedure through programs without the Aadhar cards, according to reports.

In addition, departments involved in nutrition programs have been asked to activate GPS tracking of their vehicles by December 30. Additionally, department secretaries have been advised to keep their master beneficiary database up-to-date by the end of the month.

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