HHS Seeks Public Comment on Information Gathering: Survey of Current Medicare Beneficiaries


WASHINGTON, January 22 — The US Department of Health and Social Service Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposed a public comment period of 60 days from the January 21, 2022, on an info-gathering extension titled “Survey of Current Medicare Beneficiaries.”

A notice was published in the Federal Register through William N. Parham, III, Director, Red Tape Reduction Staff, Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs.



This notice provides a summary of the use and charge associated with the following information collections. More detailed information can be found in each collection’s supporting statement and associated documents (see ADDRESSES).


CMS-P-0015ASurvey of Current Medicare Beneficiaries (MCBS)

CMS-10394Application and new three-year application to be a qualified entity to receive Medicare data for performance measurement

Under the PRA (44 USC 3501-3520), federal agencies must obtain approval from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for each collection of information they conduct or sponsor. The term “information gathering” is defined in 44 USC 3502(3) and 5 CFR 1320.3(c) and includes agency requests or requirements that members of the public submit reports, maintain records, or provide information to a third. Section 3506(c)(2)(A) of the PRA requires federal agencies to post a 60-day notice in the Federal Register regarding each proposed Information Collection, including each proposed expansion or reinstatement of an existing Information Collection, before submitting the Collection to the OMB for approval. To comply with this requirement, CMS publishes this notice.

Collection of information

1. Type of information collection request: Revision of a currently approved collection; Title of information collection: Survey of Current Medicare Beneficiaries (MCBS); Usage: CMS is the largest single health care payer in United States. The agency plays a direct or indirect role in administering health insurance coverage for more than 120 million people across the Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and Exchange populations. One of CMS’s core goals is to be an effective steward, a driving force and a trusted partner in supporting innovative approaches to improving the quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare. CMS also aims to put patients first in the delivery of their healthcare needs.

The Survey of Current Medicare Beneficiaries (MCBS) is the most comprehensive and comprehensive survey of the Medicare population available and is essential for capturing data that is not otherwise collected through our operations. The MCBS is a nationally representative longitudinal survey of Medicare beneficiaries sponsored by us and conducted by the Enterprise Data and Analytics Office (OEDA). MCBS data collection includes in-person and telephone interviews. The survey collects information on beneficiaries, whether elderly or disabled, living in the community or facility, or served by managed or fee-for-service care. The data produced under the MSCE is augmented with our administrative data (e.g., fee-for-service claims, prescription medication event data, registrations, etc.) to provide users with more accurate estimates and of total health care costs and utilization. The MCBS has been in continuous use for over 30 years, encompassing over 1.2 million interviews and over 140,000 survey participants. Respondents participate in up to 11 interviews over a four-year period. This gives a complete picture of healthcare costs and utilization over a period of time.

MCBS continues to provide unique insight into the Medicare program and helps CMS and our external stakeholders better understand and assess the impact of existing programs and important new policy initiatives. In the past, MCBS data has been used to assess potential changes to the Medicare program. For example, MCBS has been instrumental in supporting the development and implementation of Medicare’s prescription drug benefit by providing a means of estimating prescription drug costs and drug burden. for Medicare beneficiaries. Beginning in 2023, this Authorization Review Proposal will add a few new measures to the existing sections of the questionnaire and remove COVID-19 related content that is no longer relevant to the administration. New guarantor documents are also included in this application. The revisions will result in a net decrease in response burden from the current authorization due to the removal of COVID-19 related elements. Form number: CMS-P-0015A (OMB: 0938-0568); Frequency: Occasionally; Public concerned: Businesses or other for-profit and non-profit institutions; Number of respondents: 13,656; Total number of annual responses: 35,998; Total annual hours: 46,575. (For policy questions regarding this collection, contact William Long at 410-786-7927.)

2. Type of information collection request: review of a currently approved collection; Title of Information Collection: Application and Re-Application Three-Year to Be a Qualified Entity to Receive Medicare Data for Performance Measurement; Usage: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law on March 23, 2010 (Ed. L. 111-148). The ACA amends Section 1874 of the Social Security Act by adding a new subsection (e) to make available to qualified entities standardized extracts of Medicare claims data under Parts A, B, and D to assess the performance of service providers and suppliers. This is the application needed to determine an organization’s eligibility as a qualified entity. Information from the collection is used by CMS to determine whether an organization meets the criteria required to be considered a qualified entity to receive Medicare claims data under Section 10332 of the ACA. CMS assesses the organization’s eligibility in terms of organizational and governance capabilities, adding claims to data from other sources, and data privacy and security. This collection covers the application by which organizations provide information to CMS to determine whether they will be approved as a qualified entity. This collection also covers the new triennial request (CMS-10596; 0938-1317) whereby organizations provide information to CMS to determine if they are permitted to continue as a qualified entity. Form Number: CMS-10394 (OMB Control Number: 0938-1144); Frequency: Occasionally; Audience: Non-profit institutions and businesses or other for-profit organizations; Number of respondents: 30; Total number of annual responses: 30; Total annual hours: 3,800. (For policy questions regarding this collection, contact Kari A. Gaare at 410-786-8612.)

Dated: January 18, 2022.

William N. Parham, III,

Director, Red Tape Reduction Staff, Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs.

[FR Doc. 2022-01183 Filed 1-20-22; 8:45 am]


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Full text: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2022/01/21/2022-01183/agency-information-collection-activities-proposed-collection-comment-request

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