Government to provide 20% subsidy to nearly 460,000 JPS customers


Government set to relieve majority of Jamaican utility company [JPS] customers hurt by rising energy prices.

Specifically, the administration will provide a 20% subsidy to nearly 460,000 JPS customers for the months of April, May, June and July under its so-called “We CARE Energy Co-Pay” program.

The aim is to help households cushion the rising cost of electricity as oil prices soar in the wake of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The number of households that will benefit represents 81% of the JPS clientele. Beneficiaries consume 200 kilowatt hours of electricity per month or less.

The announcement was made by Finance and Civil Service Minister Dr Nigel Clarke on Thursday as he closed the debate on the 2022/23 budget in the House of Representatives. He said the initiative would cost around $2 billion.

The Minister of Finance also announced that each prepaid JPS electricity recharge purchased during the four months will receive a government bonus credit of 20% of the recharge amount.

He pointed out that the JPS had a customer base of 563,451 households in February 2022.

“We have increased the $2 billion allocation announced during the opening budget presentation to $2.95 billion, including $200 million in loan funding support for taxi operators.

And overall welfare support, including the $200 million allocation to NGOs this month, at $3.7 billion,” Clarke said.


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