Golden picks for coach and jockey after Profiteer’s Millennium game


Oddly enough, Bowman thinks there is a lot more to come after riding with the confidence that he was on the best and fastest horse and used it.

“It didn’t surprise me that he went like this with the feeling he gave me and I think he can improve as well,” Bowman said.

“He took a little off of me. I was very careful not to try to hold him back. You have to work with these horses.

“I stayed still until inside the 300. He still gave a good kick, which most horses wouldn’t do, and the last 100 he had had enough.

“He just has to harness that energy. He’s a sane horse, he’s not a steed, and I think he can do it.

Price admitted he was worried after Profiteer ($ 1.75) loaded the turn to lead four lengths, but it was as close as his rivals got. The margin at the post was 5 in length at Baranof ($ 201) and Pegasi ($ 34).

“I have to say I was a little worried when the sections came up and he was breaking 11 [seconds]”said Price.

“I said to myself in all these races where they break 11, the question is whether they finish. But I thought he was still brilliant that day.

“These two-year-olds don’t last forever. You can’t ask them to come and go, and you don’t know how much gasoline is in the tank after today, but you saw the horse and how shiny it was.

This was a big result for syndicator Roll The Dice, who paid $ 165,000 to Profiteer in last year’s Classic Sale, and Newgate Farm, who sold and repurchased it this week, valuing it at over $ 2 million.

“We bet a house on him, now we have a mansion,” Newgate boss Henry Field said. “I’ve had Group 1 winners before, but I’ve never been so nervous before a race and it’s so good.”

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