Get up to 50% subsidy now on farm equipment, details inside


Now, to provide huge subsidies to farmers on agricultural machinery, the state government has announced Kisan Anudan Yojana 2022.

MP government provides subsidy for agricultural equipment

Many types of aid are given to farmers in the country so that they have fewer problems and more income. In such a situation, the government of Madhya Pradesh has taken a big decision for the farmers in the state.

Yes, now to give huge subsidies to farmers on agricultural machinery, the state government has announced Kisan Anudan Yojana 2022.

What is Kisan Anudan Yojana?

Madhya Pradesh State has launched MP Kisan Anudan Yojana for the benefit of farmers. Under Kisan Anudan Yojana, new agricultural equipment is made available to farmers. Along with this, it also gives grants to farmers to purchase good farm equipment for farming. Today, many farmers benefit from this program and receive government subsidies that help them increase their production in difficult times of the pandemic.

What are MP Kisan Anudan Yojana’s goals?

  • Nowadays, new ways of doing farming are coming and new tools are also available. However, it is difficult for farmers to buy all these new tools. This is why the government of Madhya Pradesh has started this program.

  • The main aim of MP Kisan Anudan Yojana is to provide funds to farmers in Madhya Pradesh so that they can purchase good equipment for farming and become self-sufficient in producing good crops.

  • This program gives the opportunity to increase the income of farmers

  • Apart from this, farmers in Madhya Pradesh can farm with new technologies and methods by getting grants under this scheme.

What are the benefits of MP Kisan Anudan Yojana?

  • Under the Kisan Anudan Yojana (MP Kisan Anudan Yojana), a grant of Rs. 30000 to 60000 is provided by the government to applicant farmers to purchase new technical equipment for farming.

  • The benefit of this scheme is available to all farmers in the state.

  • Through Kisan Anudan Yojana, Madhya Pradesh government provides 30% to 50% subsidy to farmers. In which more benefits are given to female farmers.

  • Under this program, grants are given to applicants based on agricultural machinery.

What is the application process for getting a grant under MP Kisan Anudan Yojana?

Interested state beneficiaries who wish to apply under this MP Kisan Anudan Yojana 2022, then they should follow the method given below.

  • First of all, the applicant must go to the official website. After visiting the official site, the home page will open in front of you.

  • On this homepage, you will see the option “Apply for Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Machinery Branch”. You need to click on this option.

  • After clicking on the option, the following page will open in front of you.

  • On this page you will see the application form, you must select the option “biometric” or “without biometric” according to your choice in this form.

  • Then all the requested information like district, block, village, farmer class, farm machinery, scheme, etc. will need to be selected, then fill in your Aadhaar number and mobile number.

  • After filling in all the information, you need to click on the capture finger button. After successful registration, you will see the system generated application number, save it for future use.


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