Don’t link recipients’ accounts to their loan accounts, officials said


Dharwad Deputy Commissioner Gurudatta Hegde has ordered bank officials not to link the bank accounts of beneficiaries of various central and state government sponsored programs to their loan accounts.

In releasing the district’s annual credit plan estimated at ₹13,671 crore for 2022-2023 prepared by the chief district bank during the meeting of the district level review committee and the district level advisory committee on Friday, Mr Hegde said banks should join the administration in implementing social protection initiatives.

Mr. Hegde instructed officials to ensure that services are readily available to beneficiaries under various central and state government programs, including the Food Processing Micro-Enterprise Formalization (PMFME) program. , livestock and fishing, crop loan exemption and social security schemes.

He also instructed officials to provide Kannada-savvy staff and officials at bank branches in rural areas and set up help desks.

“Bank challans and vouchers should be available in Kannada. And, if banks delay providing financial assistance to those selected for benefits, relevant ministry officials should coordinate with the senior director of the bank and resolve the issue,” he said.

Referring to the delays due to technical issues such as the taste of Aadhaar and mobile number and other issues, the Deputy Commissioner asked officials to resolve them after making a bank list of such beneficiaries and get rid of it as soon as possible.

“There is a guideline that while extending assistance to beneficiaries, the CIBIL score should not be considered and banks should strictly follow this guideline. Beneficiaries should not have to run from pillar to post to get documents,” he said.

Director General of Zilla Panchayat Suresh Itnal said that in Dharwad district, 138 women from SHGs have been trained as Sakhi banking correspondents and of these, only 50 women are actively working.

He said the administration will provide village data on people trained as correspondent banking Sakhis and banks will be able to benefit from their services.

NABARD District Manager Mayur Kamble analyzed performance and progress in the district’s priority areas over the past three years.

Regional Director of Bank of Baroda Rajesh and Director (Development) of Reserve Bank of India S. Shanthaprakash took the floor.

Civil servants who achieved the 100% target in the government programs of the Ministry of Industry and Trade were honored on this occasion. The senior director of the district bank, R. Annayya, coordinated the meeting.

credit plan

Under the district credit scheme with an expenditure of ₹13,671 crore, ₹5,813 crore was set aside for the agricultural sector, of which ₹3,223 crore was for agricultural loans, ₹1,647 crore for short-term agricultural loans and additional activities, ₹300 crore for agricultural infrastructure and ₹642 crore for farm-related activities.

Under the credit scheme, ₹5,150 crore was earmarked for micro, small and medium industries, ₹450 crore for export advances, ₹314 crore for education loans, ₹1,478 crore for housing loans, ₹79 crore for renewable energy sources and ₹387 crore for infrastructure and other priority sectors.


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