Comics stars choose Veterans Aid as UK beneficiary of special edition sale


UK charity Frontline Veterans Aid is set to benefit from a unique transatlantic funding collaboration between two of the world’s biggest comic book creators.

British illustrator Gary Frank and Lebanese-American writer Geoff Johns (the successful team behind Geiger, Superman: Secret Origin, Batman: Earth 1, Apocalyptic Clock, and more) – are hard at work on their next limited series of events for Crazy Ghost Comics and Picture Comics – Junkyard Joe.

All proceeds from this limited special issue will be donated to Veterans Aid (VA), in honor of Gary’s grandfather and grandmother, and the US National Coalition of Homeless Veterans (NCHV), in the honor of Geoff’s grandfather.

As GeigerJunkyard Joe is one of THE NAMELESS – a group of strange heroes who have operated in secret throughout history, emerging critically in times of war. The story of Junkyard Joe is a story of friendship and sacrifice; of generations learning from each other; of tragedy and healing.

Bristol-born Gary Frank, a comics veteran of almost 30 years, worked on The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers and Supreme Squadron for Marvel and Supergirl, Superman, Batman: Earth One and Apocalyptic clock for DC alongside Geoff Johns before launch Geiger at Image Comics. His grandfather and grandmother served in the Second World War in the Royal Marines and WRENS, respectively.

Geoff Johns is an award-winning and New York Times Best-selling writer, film and television producer, and showrunner, known for reimagining superheroes and other iconic mythologies, past and present. Johns is best known for his work on properties such as The Green Lantern, Aquaman, the flash, Shazam!, Superman and Justice Society of America. Along with artist Gary Frank, Geoff recently launched a new creator-owned universe at Image Comics with Geiger. He is currently directing the third season of the critically acclaimed series. star girl series, inspired by his deceased sister in real life, for The CW and HBOMax. Geoff’s grandfather, Sergeant. Richard Norman Etter served in World War II alongside his three brothers and his half-brother. sergeant. Etter served in the Philippines after enlistment in 1941 and he dedicates this series to her.

For each issue of this special edition of Junkyard Joe purchased, Mad Ghost will donate an additional $2 to each organization.

Gary and Geoff say, “Our hope is to not only tell the story of veterans through a comic book lens, but also to raise awareness and funds to support those who have sacrificed so much for all of us.”

Veterans Aid CEO Dr Hugh Milroy said: “This news has come out of the blue as Veterans Aid has no connection to the world of comic book heroes, but after connecting with Gary and Geoff , it is clear that they have a passionate commitment to the support and well-being of veterans. Indeed, many of the virtues embodied by Junkyard Joe – camaraderie, loyalty, mutual support, etc. – resonate strongly with our work. We are proud and honored to be part of this collaboration and to share the benefits with the highly respected National Coalition of Homeless Veterans. This is definitely a highlight of our 90e Anniversary year.

“My grandfather served in World War II and it changed his life forever. Junkyard Joe felt it was an opportunity to not only increase the visibility of these two amazing veteran organizations, but also real financial support. It is an honor to work with NCHV and VA,” said Geoff.

“There are people out there who risk everything to protect us and too often find that society is not there for them when they return. I am grateful for the opportunity to help publicize the work done by some of the people and organizations who remember and repay our debts to those who serve,” added Gary.


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