AJK government to provide food subsidy to weaker segments of society: Prime Minister Tanveer Ilyas


Prime Minister AJK Sardar Tanvir Ilyas Khan said the food subsidy offered by the government was aimed at relieving the weaker and economically disadvantaged segments of society.

MIRPUR (AJK): (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point news – September 22, 2022): AJK Prime Minister Sardar Tanvir Ilyas Khan says food subsidy offered by government is meant to relieve weaker and economically disadvantaged segments of society .

Addressing a high-level meeting of the Department of Food in the state’s metropolis, the Prime Minister said: “The benefit of the grant should be given to economically disadvantaged people and a comprehensive mechanism should be worked out to that poor and deserving people can take advantage of this opportunity offered by the government”.

He said a proper investigation should be carried out on the subsidies offered on flour to work out a comprehensive mechanism. “Only deserving people should get cheap flour,” the prime minister said, adding that instead of taking advantage of the scheme, well-to-do people who were wealthy enough to meet their needs in life should come forward and help government in its efforts to establish a welfare society.

The prime minister ordered the food department officials to take immediate action to meet the food needs of the people so that there is no shortage of flour in any part of the AJK.

“In particular, the grain shortage in areas adjacent to the Line of Control and other remote areas must be addressed immediately,” he said, adding that measures should also be taken to prevent smuggling of cereals outside Azad Kashmir.

Earlier, Food Secretary Mansoor Qadir Dar briefed Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan and Food Minister Ali Shan Soni on details of food needs including demand and supply, transport and wheat milling in Azad Kashmir. Chief Secretary Muhammad Usman Chachar, Finance Secretary Ismatullah Shah, Food Secretary Mansoor Qadir Darud and others participated in the briefing.

The Prime Minister was informed that at the time the subsidy of over Rs 22 per kg was given on wheat.

The Food Secretary also briefed the Prime Minister on the grain supply situation and its demand and said that the amount of flour sold on the open market had increased enormously due to which the department was facing serious difficulties.

The AJK Prime Minister has ordered the Food Department to contact landowners for the purchase of wheat from different cities in Pakistan.



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