61,456 beneficiary families will soon benefit from energy screening


The Ministry of Environmental Transformation announced, via a press release, the start of sending energy checks to the families concerned in Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Reunion and on the national territory. In total, 5.8 million households benefit from it.

The first shipments begin on Wednesday March 30. Thus 5.8 million households in France will receive an energy voucher, pTo deal with Many French people have suffered from high energy prices.

The ministry announced that this check will allow eligible low-income families to pay part of their energy bills for their homes or energy renewal businesses. The government is planning five postal waves over a period of 5 weeks. For the archipelago, between March 30 and April 29.

For Guadeloupe, the energy checks amount to €10,984,805, intended for 61,456 families.

Checks for an amount between 48 and 277 euros are given to families according to their annual reference tax income, which must not exceed 10,800 euros per person, for example.

So theBills from electricity and natural gas suppliers or certain expenses related to the energy renewal of the home, which are carried out by a “recognized guarantor of the environment”, can be paid by this check.

The companies and professionals concerned are required to accept this check. Recipients can mail the check to them, in person or online, at the website chequeenergie.gouv.fr.

Energy screening is aimed at people with modest resources.

The tax authorities establish each year the list of beneficiaries according to Income Tax Reference (RFR) Family and family composition defined in consumption units (CU).

The value of household consumable units is calculated as follows:

  • 1time A person in a household is counted as a consumption unit
  • 2there One person in the family for 0.5 consumption unit
  • 3there The following is for 0.3 per consumption unit.

If you qualify, you don’t have to do anything. You will automatically receive your Energy Voucher by post, to the last address communicated to the tax authorities.


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