Tips to Improve Your Feet Health

It is very commonly known that people living with diabetes take care of their feet, but this shouldn’t be an exclusive practice. There is even a title that has been given to a private sector dealing with foot care namely the FHP. You should also take care of your feet, here are some tips that will keep your feet in a good shape.

Walking Barefooted


This is a kind of training that is starting to be adopted among many fitness circles, as it is very beneficial on many levels, as i will discuss later on this articles, one being a practice that decreases the possibilities of ankle sprains and chronic injuries. And this is aws confirmed in a research done that appeared in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, it says, “Shoes reduce foot motion and increase the support phases of the gait cycle”.

Calf stretches

This is a good way to allow your feet to be more flexible and do a variety of movement more easily and keep them supple.

Foot Massage

This is a good opportunity to get connected with your wife/spouse, as you can take care of each others feet by doing a gentle massage, with a roller if you have one, and this will refresh your feet.

Wear clean and dry socks

Keeping your feet clean and dry is the first step to avoiding infection. Try always to wear your socks that doesn’t have the biggest stitching and seams. This is very helpful in order to prevent them from infections, and of course they must be dry and clean. Additionally, it is recommended that you invest in comfortable shoes like Birkenstocks so that your feet won’t suffer especially if you are a bit overweight.

Alphabet Exercise

This could be done anywhere, in the office or at home.While sitting on a chair, circle the alphabet with your feet.


This is a therapy that is becoming widely recognized, and which aims to awaken some innate self-healing mechanisms that our body has already.This is not only good for your feet, but it also helps to reduce anxiety and increase efficiency of circulation.



According to  Mercola, this medical practice was discovered by Clint Ober. Grounding is also another name by which it is known, it consists of connecting and benefiting from the ground by walking barefoot. This practice allows certain pressure points on the feet to be activated, it can be painful sometimes, but it’s very beneficial for your health.

To find out more about the two last practices, check this video: