How to Cut Down Power Dependency

I don’t usually write about ecology and sustainability, but this is always an interesting topic to share ideas on with friends. It’s not that we hate companies that makes a lot of money, but contributing in stopping chemical dumping practices is a good cause. One way of doing so is to raise consumers awareness about the benefits of recycling and also how they can make smarter buying choices when it comes to physical products. Being green is not only being knowledgeable about ecology but it’s being practical. Many people don’t neglect fact for sure, but they don’t make the leap to integrate this awareness in their everyday choices and mainly purchases. What perhaps doesn’t urge them to act is that they don’t feel that it’s part of their responsibility as earth citizens. Everyone who knows about the butterfly effect can’t but agree that he is responsible in many ways and many times. One of the things to which supplies is bound is resources saving. Repurposing wood and metal in the construction industry is one many examples.

Simple Energy Saving Habits

There are lots of very accessible tips that anyone can implement in his or her life. I start with the most used device in our daily lives — the smartphone. When you’re not using your phone, always unplug your phone charger. Create the habit of checking if all lights are off before you leave home. Using power strips is also a good idea so that you turn off a set of devices all at once. Your utility bills reflects the kind of consumer you are. If you are the average type then it’s not a big problem. But if your higher than average, then you need to pay attention and track where energy is being wasted if even if the bill doesn’t bother you because this is the heart of the matter — thinking for the planet not only for our individual selves.

How Can A Fan Help Cut Bills

Honeywell-Fresh-Breeze-Tower Tower-Fan

Having a fan is one of the most overlooked ideas you should implement in your energy saving strategy. This simple, banal thing can help cut your utility bills, specifically in the hot summer days while your air conditioner is operating at its peak. A fan is not always ugly, the best tower fan for example will have a high air flow rate, multiple speed settings and also a sleek, modern design. Lasko is one of the most popular brands in this category. Let’s go back to our main topic here. In short, a fan works along with an air conditioner to ventilate the cold or warm air coming from it so that the air will circulate in the room quicker and will get the desired temperature without having to let your air conditioner running for a long time and therefore will consume less power.

I think that this post will inspire many people to find other ways to get green so that they benefit themselves and others around them.