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Any unforeseen last minute? Are you planning a family vacation? Do you need quick money to cover an invoice you didn’t have? If you are looking for a parallel source of income to cover some extraordinary expense, Dualets is the company you are looking for.

Enter the Dualets website, choose the amount you need and the time you want to return it, fill out the form and receive an income in your bank account with your extra money. That easy.

Next, we explain how Dualets works and what are its strengths with respect to other entities that also grant remote mini-credits.

Look at our good online payday loans!

How to apply for a loan with Dualets step by step

To be able to request the money via good online payday loans at https://www.onepayday.com/ you need you will only have to invest a few minutes of your time. Remember that with us you don’t need to have any type of guarantee. Are we starting to apply for the loan?:

  1. Choose the amount and time: You can ask for a maximum of € 600.00 and choose the return period that suits you (a maximum of 30 days).
  2. Fill in the form: The next step is to fill in a basic form with your name, surname, address, telephone, email and finally the IBAN of your bank account. Quiet that will not take you more than 2 minutes.
  3. Verify your identity. Well through Instantor, selecting your bank and entering your password to verify the ownership of the account. You must use the same account where you receive your income. Or, by sending the documentation that Dualets will send you via mail.
  4. Password and client code: Once you have completed the previous step (either via mail or via Instator), you will receive in your mail your client code and password so that you can access the private area of ​​clients of the Dualets website.
  5. You will receive an SMS indicating if Dualets grants you the loan and the amount thereof. If you agree you just have to send an SMS back with the word I accept.

And in a few minutes you can enjoy your loan. Remember that the time in which you can have the money will depend on the bank where you have your account.

It is important to remember that to request a second loan with Dualets you will not be able to have an active loan. First you will have to cancel a loan to be able to request another.

Dualets: discounts on your online credit

Dualets: discounts on your online credit

Do you know any financial institution that the more money you ask for the more discount they make you?

The Dualets company specializes in granting distance loans quickly and easily. Without paperwork, without having to go to any bank, without many requirements, without absurd waiting hours and with promotions of 15%, 20% and 25% discount!

Are you between 21 and 70 years old? Do you have a fixed income such as a pension, unemployment benefit or a monthly payment? Do you reside in Spain and have a bank account? Do you appear on the financial credit institution list, but your debt does not exceed € 2,000? Then you are in luck, since you meet the requirements to quickly get a loan with Dualets.

You just have to be the owner of a mobile line and be able to provide a second mobile or landline contact phone. So open your computer, enter Dualets and in less than 24 hours you will have the money in your account.

How much money can you request

Are you new to Dualets? If you are going to apply for your first loan online, you can only request a maximum of € 300.00. From the second loan the amount can reach € 450 and, from the third request for money online, you can reach the maximum that is € 600.

Dualets commissions amount to 35%, to be returned within a maximum period of 30 days. As in all entities that lend money remotely, the APR varies depending on the amount and time you choose to return it.

You do not need to take the calculator to make calculations, since on its website you can see in real time the amount you will pay for interest. If you request € 100 to return in 30 days, you will pay € 35 of interest.

Best of all and what makes Dualets different from other online lending entities, are its promotions:

  • 15% when you have returned a loan of 300 euros.
  • 20% when you have paid a Dualets credit of 450 euros.
  • 25% once a loan of 600 euros is canceled

So, the more loans you ask for, the greater the discount. With these conditions, who will not ask for a second loan if you have a 20% discount.

How to return your loan

Now that you know the steps to request your mini-loan in Dualets, let’s see the steps to follow to make the return:

  • You have to have a bank account in Spain.
  • The loan payment will have to be made yourself by means of an income for the amount of the requested credit, plus interest.
  • You choose the return form: by credit card, bank transfer or cash deposit.
  • If you do not remember the exact money you must pay, you can check it in the user area of ​​the website.

What happens if I can’t return my loan on time?

What happens if I can

Have you missed the return term? Haven’t you been able to raise the money for the loan repayment? It is not the ideal situation, but if you need more time to return the money, Dualets gives you the option of being able to defer the payment for 7, 14 or 30 days. The cost of this extension will depend on the amount of your loan and the days you want to defer the repayment. At the time of making the entry you must indicate: extend your ID further.

If, on the other hand, you want to cancel your credit before the chosen time, you have a commission of 0.5% of the initial amount. You can only cancel it early if half the term has passed.

What happens if I am late in paying the credit

You have to keep in mind that if you don’t pay when it’s due, you’ll have to pay an interest of 1% per day (on the outstanding amount). You will also be charged for expenses related to collection management.

Customer reviews about Dualets and its online community

Customer reviews about Dualets and its online community

What differentiates Dualets from other remote credit institutions is not only the promotions it offers, but also stands out for its large online community. It has a blog in which you can periodically read very interesting articles on various topics. Sections such as current affairs, online banking, self motivation, grants and subsidies are some of the categories you can find in your blog. They also give tips to optimize your income, such as managing your accounts and loans, and valuable tips on economics. You can also be part of their online community.

The presence of Dualets in social networks makes it one of the closest entities since it does not hide and shows its face through all its channels. Your customers are positive about:

  • Your customer service, both through the web and through social networks.
  • Highlights the proximity and direct treatment. And how quickly to solve doubts about your loans, mini-loans and other issues.
  • They also highlight the change of image of Dualets, since it was formerly via SMS. Currently Dualets has a very clear and easy to use website.
  • The granting of mini-credits for people who appear in financial credit institution. Provided they do not exceed a debt of € 2,000.

The number of followers that Dualets has is an indication of the confidence and transparency that it transmits. This makes it one of the entities best valued by its customers and users

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