5 Green Gifts For Fresh Graduates

Many countries around the world adopted the tradition to send off recent graduates to their new lives with a gift. For young adults, this a valuable thing because will serve as an anchor and also as a reward. Because today it has become a necessity to stop polluting nature, a green gift is what will encourage further more the adoption of this attitude. Here is a green list of gift ideas:

HelloFresh’s Help

Quick and easy is how a graduate deals with food. Not having much time to cook, pizza and tacos are the most popular meals on his not-so-nutritional meals list. At HelloFresh you can find easy to follow recipes with fresh ingredients ready to be shipped to the fast and furious graduate’s front door.

WeWOOD Wooden Watches

Watches are the most popular fashion item in the jewelry category. Originally made to keep time, watches are essential for every graduate wanting to succeed. And because its a gift, it must be unique. WeWOOD is a watchmaker which manufactures wooden watches free from toxic chemicals. Because the wood pattern is different from a watch to another, every timepiece is also different. In addition of being an eco-friendly watch, WeWOOD plants a tree for every watch sold.


Wood Candles from FOOD52

It’s amazing how candles help decrease stress, especially when a candle scents good. Vermont wood candles are eco-friendly and comes in 3 different scents. The package in which these candles comes are also eco-friendly as they are made of recycled letterpress and reclaimed glass. A woodsy candle to feel like home.

Boyce Studio and Air Plants

Again, a graduate doesn’t have time to do many things, gardening is one of these. Boyce Studio has thought of a minimalist designed holder for air plants. These handmade holder is named Rene and comes in different materials : hickory, speckled maple, walnut and ash. Just like wooden watches, every holder is unique. The trend of recycled paper is also adopted by Boyce Studio, green shipping.

Relaxing Time

What better than a massage to relax? Don’t have time to go to a spa, this is the right gift for a graduate :  Organic Hydrating Spa Gift Set. This set contains essential oils of citrus, neroli and vetiver as well as a travel-size lotion, bar soap and unscented lip balm all packaged in a beige muslin bag easily openable. This natural set is designed by Bambeco.