Are Birkenstocks Good for your Feet’s Health

After their long absence on the forefront of shoes stores, Birkenstock footwear, especially sandals, have become increasingly popular among fashion lovers and began to be worn in various styles. If we want to give a nickname to Birkenstocks we would call them “comfy shoes”. This quality is crucial for the health of your feet, so let’s answer the question whether Birkenstocks are good for your feet or not so much, and why comfort is important.

Birkenstock have designed their orthopedic shoes in a way that your four foot arches could be supported. This is possible because of the special contours they manufacture. To show their interest for foot health, Birkenstock have made a very detailed image explaining the foot characteristics ( bones,muscles, ligaments, movements …etc) they have took in consideration before creating these amazingly comfortable shoes.birkenstocks-explain

Like a footprint in the sand

One of the major features that Birkenstocks have is the ability to take the shape of your feet just like when you leave a footprint in the sand. The cork made footbed is what gives this possibility and which is a great a support for the health of your feet, and the more you walk the more the shoes take the shape of your feet.


Weight distribution

In addition to the foot shape feature, the natural cork material enables the shoe’s footbed to absorb birkenstocks-walkingshocks and to distribute weight while walking. This is an important health benefit for the feet in the way that they don’t have to carry all your body’s weight at specific area of your feet and which could hurt them, but the weight is rather distributed in a somehow equal manner like on a sponge. This also helps your spine and legs to be aligned nicely due to good weight distribution which reduces the risks of having back pain problems.

In order to help maintaining balance, the toe bar is designed in such a way that toes can grip. In addition to that, stability is provided via the deep heel cup.


In conclusion, if you want a nice investment that is good for your feet, your health and is not an ugly medical wear, Birkenstocks are a great choice.