How to Cut Down Power Dependency

I don’t usually write about ecology and sustainability, but this is always an interesting topic to share ideas on with friends. It’s not that we hate companies that makes a lot of money, but contributing in stopping chemical dumping practices is a good cause. One way of doing so is to raise consumers awareness about the benefits of recycling and also how they can make smarter buying choices when it comes to physical products. Being green is not only being knowledgeable about ecology but it’s being practical. Many people don’t neglect fact for sure, but they don’t make the leap to integrate this awareness in their everyday choices and mainly purchases. What perhaps doesn’t urge them to act is that they don’t feel that it’s part of their responsibility as earth citizens. Everyone who knows about the butterfly effect can’t but agree that he is responsible in many ways and many times. One of the things to which supplies is bound is resources saving. Repurposing wood and metal in the construction industry is one many examples.

Simple Energy Saving Habits

There are lots of very accessible tips that anyone can implement in his or her life. I start with the most used device in our daily lives — the smartphone. When you’re not using your phone, always unplug your phone charger. Create the habit of checking if all lights are off before you leave home. Using power strips is also a good idea so that you turn off a set of devices all at once. Your utility bills reflects the kind of consumer you are. If you are the average type then it’s not a big problem. But if your higher than average, then you need to pay attention and track where energy is being wasted if even if the bill doesn’t bother you because this is the heart of the matter — thinking for the planet not only for our individual selves.

How Can A Fan Help Cut Bills

Honeywell-Fresh-Breeze-Tower Tower-Fan

Having a fan is one of the most overlooked ideas you should implement in your energy saving strategy. This simple, banal thing can help cut your utility bills, specifically in the hot summer days while your air conditioner is operating at its peak. A fan is not always ugly, the best tower fan for example will have a high air flow rate, multiple speed settings and also a sleek, modern design. Lasko is one of the most popular brands in this category. Let’s go back to our main topic here. In short, a fan works along with an air conditioner to ventilate the cold or warm air coming from it so that the air will circulate in the room quicker and will get the desired temperature without having to let your air conditioner running for a long time and therefore will consume less power.

I think that this post will inspire many people to find other ways to get green so that they benefit themselves and others around them.

Dehumidifiers and Moisture in The Atmosphere

Moisture and Air

Just like water, moisture can appear in the atmosphere in three states : liquid, gaseous vapor and solid. Usually, the air contains some water vapor, the contrary is very scarce. When the air reach a saturation point after being cooled, a state of condensation takes place in the form of clouds. An example of that, when the air is very cold at very high altitude, clouds are made of very small ice crystals. Therefore, precipitation can take place in the form of hail and snow.
Water states changing happen in a very simple exchanging equation. Every time water changes state it takes on or gives off heat energy. In order to transform 1 pound of ice to water by melting it, it requires about 144 BTUs (British thermal unit) of heat with a temperature of 32°. But to reach its boiling point, more heat is required to raise water temperature. An additional 36 BTUs is required for 1 pound of water. The amount of temperature needed to transform the liquid state of water into vapor is almost 7 times what is required to melt ice and which is 972 BTUs per pound of water. It’s in this process that moisture appears. When water state is changed twice, meaning ice to water, then water to vapor, the amount of heat energy per pound of water that has been accumulated in the moisture is approximately 1300 BTUs. That amount of heat energy will be released each time freezing and condensation take place and therefore will raise air temperature.

moisture and water

Dehumidifers Role

Technologically advanced devices have became solution to reduce many health issues and dehumidifiers are the ones related to this topic. Dehumidifiers are simply device designed to remove moisture from the air. Their role is to restraint mold and dust mites growth. They are usually used in parts of the house where humidity is found most like bathrooms and slightly wet basements.

How Does Dehumidifiers Work

Cold coils and warm coils are two essential components in the dehumidifying process. The dehumidifier suctions air over cold coils, condenses its moisture, and then passes the air over warm coils to eventually get back into the space or room where the unit is. As you may have heard, an air conditioner is also able to take moisture out by default, but only a certain amount and is not as effective as dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are equipped with a water bucket which collects the condensed water and which should be emptied when the preset limit is reached. Some devices like Frigidaire Dehumidifiers have an option that allows the unit to drain continuously without having to empty the water tank everytime. This is done using a hose in which water is directed with gravity doing its job.
There are several models of home dehumidifiers and which can remove from 10 pints t 95 pints of water per 24 hour. The price of these units increases depending on the capacity of removing moisture. The capacity of a dehumidifier is measured by the amount of pints it’s able to remove per day at 60% relative humidity and at 27°F (80°C).



5 Green Gifts For Fresh Graduates

Many countries around the world adopted the tradition to send off recent graduates to their new lives with a gift. For young adults, this a valuable thing because will serve as an anchor and also as a reward. Because today it has become a necessity to stop polluting nature, a green gift is what will encourage further more the adoption of this attitude. Here is a green list of gift ideas:

HelloFresh’s Help

Quick and easy is how a graduate deals with food. Not having much time to cook, pizza and tacos are the most popular meals on his not-so-nutritional meals list. At HelloFresh you can find easy to follow recipes with fresh ingredients ready to be shipped to the fast and furious graduate’s front door.

WeWOOD Wooden Watches

Watches are the most popular fashion item in the jewelry category. Originally made to keep time, watches are essential for every graduate wanting to succeed. And because its a gift, it must be unique. WeWOOD is a watchmaker which manufactures wooden watches free from toxic chemicals. Because the wood pattern is different from a watch to another, every timepiece is also different. In addition of being an eco-friendly watch, WeWOOD plants a tree for every watch sold.


Wood Candles from FOOD52

It’s amazing how candles help decrease stress, especially when a candle scents good. Vermont wood candles are eco-friendly and comes in 3 different scents. The package in which these candles comes are also eco-friendly as they are made of recycled letterpress and reclaimed glass. A woodsy candle to feel like home.

Boyce Studio and Air Plants

Again, a graduate doesn’t have time to do many things, gardening is one of these. Boyce Studio has thought of a minimalist designed holder for air plants. These handmade holder is named Rene and comes in different materials : hickory, speckled maple, walnut and ash. Just like wooden watches, every holder is unique. The trend of recycled paper is also adopted by Boyce Studio, green shipping.

Relaxing Time

What better than a massage to relax? Don’t have time to go to a spa, this is the right gift for a graduate :  Organic Hydrating Spa Gift Set. This set contains essential oils of citrus, neroli and vetiver as well as a travel-size lotion, bar soap and unscented lip balm all packaged in a beige muslin bag easily openable. This natural set is designed by Bambeco.


Are Birkenstocks Good for your Feet’s Health

After their long absence on the forefront of shoes stores, Birkenstock footwear, especially sandals, have become increasingly popular among fashion lovers and began to be worn in various styles. If we want to give a nickname to Birkenstocks we would call them “comfy shoes”. This quality is crucial for the health of your feet, so let’s answer the question whether Birkenstocks are good for your feet or not so much, and why comfort is important.

Birkenstock have designed their orthopedic shoes in a way that your four foot arches could be supported. This is possible because of the special contours they manufacture. To show their interest for foot health, Birkenstock have made a very detailed image explaining the foot characteristics ( bones,muscles, ligaments, movements …etc) they have took in consideration before creating these amazingly comfortable shoes.birkenstocks-explain

Like a footprint in the sand

One of the major features that Birkenstocks have is the ability to take the shape of your feet just like when you leave a footprint in the sand. The cork made footbed is what gives this possibility and which is a great a support for the health of your feet, and the more you walk the more the shoes take the shape of your feet.


Weight distribution

In addition to the foot shape feature, the natural cork material enables the shoe’s footbed to absorb birkenstocks-walkingshocks and to distribute weight while walking. This is an important health benefit for the feet in the way that they don’t have to carry all your body’s weight at specific area of your feet and which could hurt them, but the weight is rather distributed in a somehow equal manner like on a sponge. This also helps your spine and legs to be aligned nicely due to good weight distribution which reduces the risks of having back pain problems.

In order to help maintaining balance, the toe bar is designed in such a way that toes can grip. In addition to that, stability is provided via the deep heel cup.


In conclusion, if you want a nice investment that is good for your feet, your health and is not an ugly medical wear, Birkenstocks are a great choice.


5 Tips to Deal with Spring Allergy

Spring season is already here, and like in many parts of the United States, it has started as early as February, but it’s not always good news for allergy sufferers. So in order to profit from the green season cheerfully, here are some tips that can be helpful.



If we visualize the allergy mechanism, we can therefore easily spot the areas in which we can implement some habits in order to reduce the effect of pollen on us.

Your cloths


When you come back from outside, your cloths are probably carying pollen on it.So a good habit to start is to take your cloths off once arrived at home and put it in the washing machine, and do not put it on any of your furnitures. This will install pollen particles on your furniture and will probably fly everywhere all over your house.

Automatic Sweep

The second habit is related to to first one. In case you couldn’t implement the first habit successfully, or you want to add more security, then you can simply sweep anywhere you sit once you or your pet have come from outside.

Get an Air Purifier

Technology has given us many tools to help us improve quality of our indoor life. Air purifiers are one of them, as it has the ability to catch airborne germs and dust particles in the air. To get an affordable one check the Germguardian AC4825 air purifier, it is one of the best selling in this category. Check the full review of this air purifier on

Natural Remediesflower-287696_960_720

You can also profit from natural relief remedies. This is possible by taking some herbal remedies that may help drive back allergy symptoms. Specialists said that this still needs more research, but a hope has arise after a successful extract from a shrub called butterbur.

An Allergy Specialist

Finally, this is what everybody will tell you, and yes if you tried hard or if you have a severe allergy you may try the advices above to reduce your allergy reactions and in addition to that, consult your allergist so he can give you medications to control symptoms.

A New Way to Quit Smoking

To cope with humans health enemy number one, that is, along with obesity, among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the world, namely cigarettes, many methods had been adopted and put to the effectiveness test, from the nicotine patch to the e-cigarettes, but all of these are keeping a foot in the water and the other outside.

Judson Brewer, MD, PhD from UMASS Medical School has found a new way to deal with every kind of addiction, and which he shared on a Ted Talk. The concept of this method is based on cognitive control which allows smokers or any addicted individual to crack down the circle of his addiction by himself after recognizing the unpleasing experience that this addiction provides at the moment, and he calls this phase : Mindfulness.



This could be described as a high awareness state enabling us to analyze our own actions while doing them.

The best example given by Dr.Brewer ( after a biological example related to eating a chocolate cake) is the one of a teenager of his generation at the time when smoking was a cool stuff to do, and for some it’s stupidly still the case, that the circle of addiction looks like this :

See cool >> Smoke to be cool >> Feel good >> Repeat.

Mindfulness comes into play at the second stage while doing the action. In this example, it is at the moment of smoking and acknowledging the uncheerful disgusting experience of that action. He showed an actual experience of a smoker at the state of mindfulness, or more precisely : “mindful smoking”. The image bellow shows his reaction.


After this kind of reaction, quitting smoking is a natural following step. In this simple self-therapy, the addicted individual becomes an investigator, an inner scientist that uses curiosity to motivate him to spot the uncheerful action and entering the Mindfulness state to experience unpleasance that will result to a happy letting go of the addiction in question naturally.

Mindfulness Smoking Statistics

12 Healthy Superfoods for Americans


According to NIDDK 68.8% of Americans are overweight or obese, and this issue doesn’t affect only elderly people, but also young ones.This is a serious problem that could have a very negative impact on the heart.

Here are great superfoods to prevent you from falling into obesity and diabetes  :

Acai juice according to researchers Texas A&M University this juice can increase the amount of antioxidants in in the blood.

Walnuts . This one is very helpful your memory hazards contains Omega-3 air can give you a great amount of alpha-linolenic acid.

Brazil nuts One single nut of these is a big source of selenium that any other food can provide.

Tomato sauce. A Harvard study showing that sits can help healthy and also skin look younger thanks to its load with lycopene.

Apples this is one of the favorite fruits that May reduce risk of lung cancer because of an antioxidant called quercetin.

Oranges Almost everybody knows where to find vitamin C, and yes one single orange is sufficient to get the necessary dose of vitamin C , but not everybody knows that it contains also folate and calcium.

Bananas containing polysaccharide that functions as a carbohydrate, They are a good meal that could help you lose weight. In addition to that, it contains fiber that are good for your health.

Mustard greens Here is a nice recipe for this one : gather walnuts, Parmesan, garlic and don’t forget to add olive oil all in a food processor, and empower your body with vitamin K that these greens contains.

Soy milk In addition to vitamin D and calcium that a commun milk has, the soy milk is also a source of vegetable protein.

Sweet potatoes These act as protector of your immune system and your vision as well. One large baked potato could deliver more than 900% of your vitamin A dose everyday.

Broccoli sprouts Unlike the regular broccoli, these ones have a very high dose of  compound glucoraphanin that has the ability to prevent cancer.

Turkey breast In order not to be converted into a vegan, profit from turkey meat, the breast one, to get some good protein  as it has 20 grams of it per 3-oz serving.


Tips to Improve Your Feet Health

It is very commonly known that people living with diabetes take care of their feet, but this shouldn’t be an exclusive practice. There is even a title that has been given to a private sector dealing with foot care namely the FHP. You should also take care of your feet, here are some tips that will keep your feet in a good shape.

Walking Barefooted


This is a kind of training that is starting to be adopted among many fitness circles, as it is very beneficial on many levels, as i will discuss later on this articles, one being a practice that decreases the possibilities of ankle sprains and chronic injuries. And this is aws confirmed in a research done that appeared in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, it says, “Shoes reduce foot motion and increase the support phases of the gait cycle”.

Calf stretches

This is a good way to allow your feet to be more flexible and do a variety of movement more easily and keep them supple.

Foot Massage

This is a good opportunity to get connected with your wife/spouse, as you can take care of each others feet by doing a gentle massage, with a roller if you have one, and this will refresh your feet.

Wear clean and dry socks

Keeping your feet clean and dry is the first step to avoiding infection. Try always to wear your socks that doesn’t have the biggest stitching and seams. This is very helpful in order to prevent them from infections, and of course they must be dry and clean. Additionally, it is recommended that you invest in comfortable shoes like Birkenstocks so that your feet won’t suffer especially if you are a bit overweight.

Alphabet Exercise

This could be done anywhere, in the office or at home.While sitting on a chair, circle the alphabet with your feet.


This is a therapy that is becoming widely recognized, and which aims to awaken some innate self-healing mechanisms that our body has already.This is not only good for your feet, but it also helps to reduce anxiety and increase efficiency of circulation.



According to  Mercola, this medical practice was discovered by Clint Ober. Grounding is also another name by which it is known, it consists of connecting and benefiting from the ground by walking barefoot. This practice allows certain pressure points on the feet to be activated, it can be painful sometimes, but it’s very beneficial for your health.

To find out more about the two last practices, check this video: